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I was born in Matongé, a vibrant Congolese neighborhood in the heart of Brussels. At the time my father was an exiled philosopher, community organizer and political asylum seeker, Jean BUMBAKINI, and my mother, Niangi BATULUKISI, an African art history scholar from Zaire (now the DRC CONGO), both escaped the civil-political unrest of Zaire, under dictator KABILA in pursuit of a better life in Europe. I was introduced to philosophy, politics, and the arts from naissance. 


I've lived in the United States since 2001 - though I frequently spend time in Brussels and Kinshasa.

I believe ART provides a window into the ethereal, the space between the societal, the physical, and the immaterial.

It is the door to both past human experiences and it's future manifestation.

These are the realities that my work revolves around today, remembering, forgetting, and creating anew

My name is Lio-Bravo Bumbakini, I am a self-taught artist who paints the modern experience in swaths of folkloric imagery inspired by my African descent (Congo-Zaire) and Euro-Centric (Belgian) upbringing. my works range from paintings, drawings, and mixed media work to digital; performative installations.

Coloring the World....a blue cloud at a time. 



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Collection of significant oeuvres and installations.

Collection of drawings and sketches

Collection of foto montage, posters, and prints

Collection of urban works

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